COVID-19 UPDATES June 4, 2021

  • Masks are still required to enter South Shore Skin Center, where BENE Dental is located in. While most settings no longer require a mask, because we are a healthcare facility and we are also located within a medical building, you will need to wear one to enter the building.
  • You no longer need to call us when you’ve arrived in the parking and can enter the building right away.

BENE Dental of Norwell, MA, has implemented some new protocols in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our protocols reflect the guidelines and recommendations by our state of Massachusetts, CDC, WHO, and ADA. We feel confident, if everyone adheres to the protocols, there should be no danger of transmission of COVID-19 from your dental visit with us.

So, what are the new changes?

Unlike the pre- COVID-19 days, where you would come right into the waiting room, your car will now served as the new “virtual waiting area.” This is to minimize time spent within the waiting area and any encounters with another patient. Once you arrive at our parking lot, you should call us so that we can update your information and medical history, go over any payments needed, and provide further instructions on what to do once you come into the office. If you haven’t received and completed the COVID-19 Questionnaire, you will be sent a link to the form to be filled out before coming into the building. Once you are all set, you will enter the building with a mask on and if possible, only bring what can fit into your pockets. When you arrive at our entrance, one of our BENE Dental team members will open the door for you OR you should call us to make sure we are ready to let you in.

As soon as you enter BENE Dental, we will sanitize your hands, take your temperature and take your oxygen saturation level. If all is normal, we will stop by the front desk behind the plexi-glass to make any payments needed, and then lead you to your treatment room.

If you are getting a treatment that causes aerosols, a clear “patient protection tent” will be used. This special apparatus hovers over your head, offering an additional barrier between you, your dentist, and the dental assistant. You can visibly see how it catches most of the splatter and minimizes aerosol spreading within the treatment room. Our patients have express appreciation for this extra-level of protection.

Once your dental treatment is over, your next appointment will be made in the room, if needed. When everything is finished, you will be instructed to exit the room, walk straight through the waiting area and exit the office.


*NOTE: Oxygen Saturation Level will no longer be taken.

Written by Deborah Kim, DMD. Last updated August 20, 2020.